Facial treatments

Our formulas in our facial reflect the latest developments in cosmetology, the search for innovation is our absolute commitment.


Ameson Solutions- Targeted & personalised skin care

Advanced peeling followed by a professional solution pushed into the skin by galvanic therapy. These advanced individual solutions are personalised to your skin to either tighten and firm the skin, reduce sun spots, brighten dull skin and minimize forehead fine lines, lip contour and eye area. Treatment takes 25  minutes and 3 per week are recommended for optimum results!                                                                                                 £35 or course of 10 for £250

Caviar Facial £69.50

The luxurious treatment is the ultimate anti-ageing and firming facial with red and black caviar! Caviar is the ultimate luxury ingredient, delivering superb results in intensely hydrating and nourishing dull, dry skin to leave your skin rejuvenated and refreshed!




Chronos facial

With the power of your own cells and cosmetology breakthroughs ,this facial & aftercare will help repair damage and fill out wrinkles.

Course of 4 £280
Course of 8 £550




This alpha hydroxy acid treatment is a safe ,superficial exfoliation procedure that requires no “downtime”.The application of professional strength acid itself is performed as part of a corrective treatment designed to give maximum exfoliation ,minimum irritation,for treatment of fine lines,uneven pigmentation,blackheads,dry skin & acne breakouts.





Hyaluronic Facial £60

This unique facial treatment is based on hyaluronic acid, offering deep and long lasting skin hydration! Hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its weight in water making this the perfect treatment for those concerned with dehydration lines, promoting ultimate skin health.





This treatment helps to gently lift & tighten all the muscles of the face & neck,whilst helping to smooth out the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

for optimal results,twice weekly for 5 weeks then monthly maintenance.


lift & tighten jowl area,ideal for botox users who do not need the forehead area.


this advanced facial is the ultimate anti aging solution,incorporating a combination of micro dermabrasion & ultrasonic peeling for deep exfoliation,non-surgical toning to lift & tighten face & neck,LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation & a gel mask for lasting moisture.



Diamond Tip  Microdermabrasion £45

a skin exfoliating treatment,low risk with no downtime,painless,resulting in skin rejuvenation. It speeds up penetration of your serums & moisturizers. This treatment uses crystals to remove the top layers of skin called the stratum corneum,as skin regenerates in approx 30 day intervals this treatment needs to be repeated at 2-4 week intervals for the best possible results.

improvement of fine lines,wrinkles,dehydration,course texture,uneven skin tone,blackheads,enlarged pores & acne spots.









Micro-needling facial which stimulates the skins healing response, encouraging production of precious growth factors, collagen and elastin for naturally rejuvenated, revitalised and regenerated skin.

 £150 per treatment 



Proteinous Lifting Therapy £60                                                        

Powerful alternatives lifting treatment based on proteins. Instant lifting effect, restores firmness and minimises dark circles.




                                                               Mandelic Facial £60

The only ingedient proven to work in deep dermal-hyperpigmentation. Stronger acid than Glycolic with much larger molecule for deep and even penetration. Mandelic acid is naturally derived from almonds.